Recruitment of PLCgamma to membrane due to FCGR3A effect

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Homo sapiens
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Leishmania major
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PLCgamma (PLCG) is recruited to FCGR and the phosphorylated Y342 and Y346 in SYK have been reported to be involved in the interaction of PLCG (Law et al. 1996). PLCG accumulates at the phagocytic cup during FCGR, but the exact role of PLCG in the regulation of phagocytosis is not clear. It may be involved in FCGR signaling by activating PKC through DAG production (Garcia-Garcia & Rosales 2002 )

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cutaneous leishmaniasis DOID:9111 Asian Desert Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Leproid leishmaniasis, diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis
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