RAS:GTP binds RAL GDS proteins

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RAL GDS and related family members RGL1, 2 and 3 are small GTPase proteins in the RAS family that act as effectors downstream of HRAS and other RAS proteins (reviewed in Ferro and Trabalzini, 2010; Gentry et al, 2014). RALGDS family members bind to HRAS in the GTP-bound state through the RALGDS Ras binding domains (RBDs) and acts as RAL A and RAL B-specific guanine nuclear exchange factors (GEFs) (Hofer et al, 1994; Spaargen et al, 1994; Kikuchi et al, 1994; Wolthius et al, 1996; Peterson et al, 1996; Shao et al, 2000; Ehrhardt et al, 2001; reviewed in Gentry et al, 2014).

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