Mutant MRAS:SHOC2:PPP1CC complexes dephosphorylate inactive RAFs

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PP1-mediated dephosphorylation of RAF occurs in the context of a ternary complex consisting of SHOC2 and the RAS protein family member MRAS in its GTP-bound form (Rodriguez-Viciano et al, 2006; Young et al, 2013; reviewed in Simanshu et al, 2017). Consistent with a role of this ternary complex in promoting RAF signaling, activating mutations in SHOC2, MRAS and PP1 are associated with increased RAF pathway activity in Noonan syndrome (Cordeddu et al, 2009; Gripp et al, 2016; Motta et al, 2016; Higgin et al, 2017; Motta et al, 2019a,b; Young et al, 2018).
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protein serine/threonine phosphatase activity of mutant MRAS:SHOC2:PP1 complexes [plasma membrane]

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Gain of function of mutant MRAS:SHOC2:PP1 complexes [plasma membrane]

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esophageal carcinoma DOID:1107 carcinoma OF ESOPHAGUS, carcinoma of oesophagus, cancer of esophagus, cancer of oesophagus, carcinoma of esophagus (disorder), carcinoma of esophagus (disorder)
Noonan syndrome DOID:3490 Turner's phenotype, karyotype normal (disorder)
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