RAS:GTP binds PI3K

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GTP-bound RAS interacts with PI3K through a direct interaction with the 110 kDa catalytic subunit (Sjolander et al, 1991; Rodriguez-Viciana et al, 1994; Rodriguex-Viciana et al, 1996; Pacold et al, 2000; reviewed in Gysin et al, 2011; Castellano and Downward, 2011; Martini et al, 2014). Interaction with RAS stimulates the activity of PI3K by promoting a conformational change and/or mediating recruitment to the plasma membrane, among other possible mechanisms (Pacold et al, 2000; Denley et al, 2008; Zhang et al, 2019). The PI3K signaling pathway contributes to RAS-mediated cellular proliferation and survival and through RAC, contributes to cytoskeletal rearrangements and cell motility (reviewed in Vivanco and Sawyers, 2002; Castellano and Downward, 2011; Martini et al, 2014; Nussinov et al, 2015).

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