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The CHAC1 gene is transcribed to yield mRNA and the mRNA is translated to yield CHAC1 protein (Crawford et al. 2015, and inferred from the mouse homolog). The transcription factors ATF4, ATF3, and CEBPB (full length) bind ATF/CRE and ACM elements in the CHAC1 promoter and activate transcription of CHAC1 in response to endoplasmic reticulum stress (Crawford et al. 2015). Expression of CHAC1 is also activated by heme deficiency via EIF2AK1 (HRI) and ATF4 (inferred from the mouse homologs). TRIB3 binds the CHAC1 promoter and represses transcription of CHAC1 which leads to decreased cell death during oxidative stress (inferred from mouse homologs).

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25931127 Human CHAC1 Protein Degrades Glutathione, and mRNA Induction Is Regulated by the Transcription Factors ATF4 and ATF3 and a Bipartite ATF/CRE Regulatory Element

Mungrue, IN, Kilberg, MS, Shan, J, Sylvester, CF, Higdon, AN, Crawford, RR, Prescott, ET

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