Raf dimer inhibitors bind RAF heterodimers

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LY3009120, TAK-580 and TAK-632 are pan-RAF inhibitors that binds to all 3 RAF isoforms as well as to RAF dimers to inhibit phosphorylation of MAP2K and MAPK proteins (Nakamura et al, 2013; Okaniwa et al, 2013; Sun et al, 2017; Peng et al, 2015; Henry et al, 2015; Vakana et al, 2017). Because they inhibit the kinase activity of RAF homo- and heterodimers, treatment with pan-RAF dimer inhibitors generates minimal paradoxical RAF activation and inhibits cellular proliferation in a number of tumor models (Peng et al, 2015; Henry et al, 2015, Vakana et al, 2017; reviewed in Karoulia et al, 2017; Agianian and Gavathiotis, 2018; ).

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