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ERBB2 can bind to and be inhibited by the following tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs):
lapatinib (Xia et al. 2002, Wood et al. 2004)
neratinib (Rabindran et al. 2004)
afatinib (Li et al. 2008)
AZ5104 (Hanker et al. 2017)
tesevatinib (Gendreau et al. 2007)
canertinib (Nelson and Fry 2001)
sapitinib (Hickinson et al. 2010)
CP-724714 (Jani et al. 2007)
AEE788 (Traxler et al. 2014). Tyrosine kinase inhibitors do not prevent ERBB2 heterodimerization, but intefere with its kinase activity.
The following tyrosine kinase inhibitors were shown to be especially effective against overexpressed ERBB2 and to inhibit kinase activity of ERBB2 homodimers:
afatinib (Rabindran et al. 2004)
neratinib (Rabindran et al. 2004)
lapatinib (Rabindran et al. 2004).
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