EML4 recruits NUDC to mitotic spindle

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EML4 binds to NUDC and recruits it to the kinetochores of the mitotic spindle. The interaction involves the WD40 repeats of EML4 and the C-terminus of NUDC (Chen et al. 2015). Knockdown of EML4 produces similar mitotic defects as the knockdown of NUDC. The knockdown of either of these two genes frequently results in post-mitotic cell death, due to activation of the mitotic spindle checkpoint (Chen et al. 2015, Adib et al. 2019). It is uncertain if PLK1-mediated phosphorylation of NUDC precedes its binding to EML4.

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25789526 EML4 promotes the loading of NUDC to the spindle for mitotic progression

Chen, D, Ito, S, Yuan, H, Hyodo, T, Kadomatsu, K, Hamaguchi, M, Senga, T

Cell Cycle 2015
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