Palmostatin B binds RAS depalmitoylases

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Palmostatin B binds to acylthioesterases and inhibits their activity, resulting in RAS proteins that are stably palmitoylated (Dekker et al, 2010; Lin and Conibear, 2015; reviewed in Lin et al, 2017). Although this inhibition might be predicted to promote sustained RAS-dependent signaling, in fact interruption of the palmitoylation-depalmitoylation cycle results in generalized redistribution of RAS proteins to all cellular membranes, impairing function (Dekker et al, 2010). Consistent with this, Inhibition of RAS acyl protein thioesterases has been shown to have some use in restricting the proliferation of NRAS-driven melanomas (Rusch et al, 2011; Hedberg et al, 2011; Xu et al, 2012; Vujic et al, 2016).

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