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RHEB:GTP interacts with mTORC1 and activates the kinase activity of mTORC1 (Long et al. 2005, Tee et al. 2005, Long et al. 2007, Yang et al. 2017). RHEB binds the catalytic domain of the MTOR subunit of the mTORC1 complex (Long et al. 2005, Yang et al. 2017). The interaction of RHEB with mTORC1 is independent of the guanyl nucleotide bound by RHEB while the activation of MTOR is dependent on GTP bound to RHEB (Long et al. 2005). The binding of MTOR to RHEB is dependent on amino acid sufficiency (Long et al. 2005) due to association of mTORC1 with the Rag heterodimer at the lysosomal membrane.

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