CSF3R gene expression is enhanced by SPI1 (PU.1), CEBPA, and DEK

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Homo sapiens
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SPI1 (PU.1) and CEBPA bind the promoter of the CSF3R (G-CSFR) gene and synergistically activate transcription of CSF3R (Smith et al. 1996, Tavor et al. 2003). Absence of CEBPA binding reduces transcription by about 60% and absence of SPI1 binding reduces transcription by about 75% (Smith et al. 1996). DEK interacts with CEBPA at the CSF3R promoter and enhances transcription (Koleva et al. 2012). DEK is required for CSF3 (G-CSF) mediated granulocyte differentiation (Koleva et al. 2012).

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