Defective NTHL1 substrate binding

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Several different mutations that result in truncation of NTHL1 protein have been described and associated with cancer. NTHL1 Q90TER (NTHL1 Gln90*) truncation mutant results from a nonsense mutation that replaces codon for glutamine 90 with a STOP codon. NTHL1 Q90TER has not been studied at the protein level, but is predicted to lack the DNA binding domain and the glycosylase domain, thus resulting in a complete loss of the base excision repair (BER) related DNA glycosylase function. Homozygous or compound heterozygous germline NTHL1 Q90TER mutation result in a cancer syndrome (NTHL1 associated tumor syndrome) that involves adenomatous polyposis, colorectal cancer breast cancer and multiple other types of cancer and benign tumors (Weren et al. 2015, Rivera et al. 2015, Grolleman et al. 2019). Apart from NTHL1 Q90TER, at least seven other truncating variants have been identified in patients with NTHL1 associated tumor syndrome, such as NTHL1 A79fs (NTHL1 Ala79fs), NTHL1 Y130TER (NTHL1 Tyr130*), NTHL1 W182TER (NTHL1 Trp182*), NTHL1 c.709+1G>A, NTHL1 I245fs (NTHL1 Ile245fs), NTHL1 W269TER (NTHL1 Trp269*), NTHL1 Q287TER (NTHL1 Gln287*) (Rivera et al. 2015, Broderick et al. 2017, Grolleman et al. 2019).
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cancer DOID:162 malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer
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