FOXO1,FOXO1:PPARGC1A,FOXO3,FOXO4,FOXO6 bind G6PC gene promoter

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FOXO1 (Ayala et al. 1999, Onuma et al. 2006, Puigserver et al. 2003), FOXO3 (Onuma et al. 2006), FOXO4 (Yang et al. 2002) and FOXO6 (Kim et al. 2011) bind insulin response elements in the promoter of the G6PC gene, encoding Glucose-6-phosphatase. Formation of the complex between FOXO1 and PPARGC1A (PGC-1alpha) may be required for FOXO1 to bind the G6PC gene promoter (Puigserver et al. 2003). Binding of FOXO transcription factors to the G6PC gene promoter is negatively regulated by insulin.
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