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VGF is a neurosecretory protein that is expressed in neuronal cells in response to NGF signaling as well as other stimuli including cAMP (Salton et al, 1991a; Salton et al, 1991b; Hawley et al, 1992; Nagasaki et al, 1999; reviewed in Salton et al, 2000). VGF traffics through the secretory sytem where it is subject to endoproteolytic cleavage, generating small neuroactive peptides that are released upon depolarization (Possenti et al, 1989; Trani et al, 1995; Garcia et al, 2005; reviewed in Toshinai and Nakazato, 2009; Ferri et al, 2011). VGF peptides play roles in energy and water balance, depression, sensory nerves and pain perception, reproduction and neuronal apoptosis, among others (reviwed in Ferri et al, 2011). NGF-dependent expression of VGF in neuronal cells is controlled by numerous binding sites in the promixal promoter (Canu et al, 1997; Possenti et al, 1992; Di Rocco et al, 1997; D'Arcangelo et al, 1996; Mullenbrock et al, 2011). Identified DNA-binding positive regulators of NGF-dependent VGF expression include EGR1, AP-1, SP-1, CREB family members, ASCL1 and TCF12, among others (Possenti et al, 2002; Di Rocco et al, 1997; D'Arcangelo et al, 1996; Mullenbrock et al, 2011; Adams et al, 2017; Mandolesi et al, 2002).

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