EGR1 binds the VGF gene

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In neuronal cells, the VGF gene is induced by sustained NGF signaling, as well as by cyclic AMP and other agents, although to a lower degree (Salton et al, 1991a; Salton et al, 1991b; Mullenbrock et al, 2011). Promoter analysis of the VGF gene identified a proximal promoter element spanning nucleotides -180 to -70 with a number of consensus binding sequences for transcriptional regulators (Canu et al, 1997; Possenti et al, 1992; Di Rocco et al, 1997; D'Arcangelo et al, 1996). This promoter is under negative regulation in non-neuronal cells. Among the promoter elements identified is a G(S)G motif between the TATA box and the transcriptional start site that is bound by EGR1 in an NGF-inducible mannner (D'Arcangelo et al, 1996; Mullenbrock et al, 2011; Adams et al, 2017).

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