ARC binds DNM2 and SH3GL3

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ARC mRNA is rapidly transported to active synapses during synaptic activity where it is locally translated (Steward et al, 1998). At the synapse, ARC protein oligomerizes into virion-like capsids and interacts directly with dynamin2 (DYN2) and endophilin (SH3GL3) to promote the internalization of AMPA receptors (Myrum et al, 2015; Chowdhury et al, 2006; Rial Verde et al, 2006). Because AMPA receptors are also known to transcriptionally inhibit ARC gene expression through a Gi-specific G protein mechanism, this establishes a negative feedback loop between ARC gene expression and cell surface localization of AMPA receptors. The details of this relationship remain to be elucidated (Rao et al, 2006; Mokin et al, 2003; reviewed in Epstein and Finkbeiner, 2018).

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