L-PRX:DRP2 binds dystroglycan and laminin-211

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The DRP2:L-PRX complex interacts with dystroglycan in the plasma membrane as part of the dystrophin glycoprotein complex (DGC) (Sherman et al, 2001; Court et al 2009; Sherman et al, 2012). DGC complexes have structural and signaling roles and provide a connection between the abaxonal Schwann cell plasma membrane and the adjacent basal lamina through interaction with laminin complexes, including laminin-211 (Ervasti et al, 1993; Yamada et al, 1994; Yamada et al, 1996; Imamura et al, 2000; reviewed in Wrabetz and Feltri, 2001; Masaki and Matsumura, 2010).

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