FASLG gene expression is stimulated by FOXO1,FOXO3,(FOXO4)

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Binding of FOXO1 (Ciechomska et al. 2003) or FOXO3 (Brunet et al. 1999, Arimoto-Ishida et al. 2004) to the promoter of the FASLG gene directly stimulates FASLG transcription. FOXO4 stimulates FASLG gene expression, as microRNA-mediated inhibition of FOXO4 mRNA translation results in decreased levels of FASLG. Direct binding of FOXO4 to the FASLG gene promoter, however, has not been demonstrated (Chen et al. 2013, Li et al. 2015). FASLG (Fas ligand) is a cytokine that belongs to the family of tumor necrosis factors involved in extrinsic apoptotic signaling. In ovarian cancer, cisplatin resistance may be partially attributable to inhibition of FOXO3-mediated induction of FASLG by PI3K/AKT signaling cascade (Arimoto-Ishida et al. 2004).
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