p-S133 CREB1, LYL1 and EP300 bind the ID1 and ID3 genes

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CREB1, EP300 and LYL1 are required for the activation of the ID1 and ID3 genes, which contribute to cellular proliferation and differentiation (Impey et al, 2004; San Marina et al, 2008; Rivera and Murre, 2001; Hong et al, 2011; Zhao et al, 2016). CREB1 binds to the CRE elements in the ID gene promoters and recruits EP300 in a CREB1 S133 phosphorylation dependent manner. S133 phosphorylation is dispensable for recruitment of LYL1, which instead depends on an interaction between the LYL1 N-terminal domain and the Q2 and KID domains of CREB1 (San Marina et al, 2008).

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