EGR1,2,3 bind the NAB2 promoter

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NAB1 and 2 (NGFI-A binding protein) are transcriptional co-repressors that interact with EGR1, 2 and 3 and repress transcription of EGR target genes (Swirnoff et al, 1998; Svaren et al, 1996; Russo et al, 1995; Sevetson et al, 2000; Abdulkadir et al, 2001). NAB proteins may contribute to transcriptional repression through the recruitment of CHD4 (Srinivasan et al, 2006). Expression of NAB2 is regulated in part by the binding of EGR proteins to the cognate site in the NAB2 promoter (Kumbrink et al, 2005; Kumbrink et al, 2010).

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