p-4S, T366 ELK1:SRF bind EGR1 and EGR2 gene promoters

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Expression of Early Growth Response (EGR) genes is dependent in part on the presence of upstream serum response elements (SREs) that bind SRF (serum response factor) and its co-activator ELK1 in response to mutiptle stimuli (Quereshi et al, 1991; Alexandre et al, 1991; de Franco et al, 1993; McMahon and Monroe, 1995;Chen et al, 2004; Vickers et al, 2004; Adams et al, 2017; Esnault et al, 2017; reviewed in O'Donovan et al, 1999; Pérez-Cadahía et al, 2011; Pagel and Deindl, 2011).

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