PEX19:class I PMP binds PEX3

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Cytosolic PEX19 bound to a peroxisomal membrane protein binds PEX3 which is located in the peroxisomal membrane and serves as a docking receptor for PEX19 (Soukupova et al. 1999, Muntau et al. 2003, Fang et al. 2004, Matsuzono and Fujiki 2006, Matsuzono et al. 2006, Pinto et al. 2006, Sato et al. 2008, Sato et al. 2010, Schmidt et al. 2010, Hattula et al. 2014, reviewed in Fujiki et al. 2006). PEX19 bound to a cargo protein has much higher affinity for PEX3 than PEX19 alone does (Pinto et al. 2006). The insertion of the peroxisomal membrane protein into the membrane does not require ATP hydrolysis or GTP hydrolysis (Pinto et al. 2006). The N-terminal region of PEX19 binds a hydrophobic groove and acidic cluster on the surface of PEX3 (Schmidt et al. 2010, Schmidt et al. 2012) at the cytosolic apex of the PEX3 spheroid (Sato et al. 2010).

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