PEX3:PEX19:class I PMP dissociates

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Homo sapiens
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The PEX19:PEX3:peroxisomal membrane protein complex dissociates, yielding cytosolic PEX19, membrane-bound PEX3, and the peroxisomal membrane protein inserted in the peroxisomal membrane (Fang et al. 2004, Matsuzono and Fujiki 2006, Schueller et al. 2010, Chen et al. 2014, reviewed in Fujiki et al. 2006). The mechanism of the reaction is not fully characterized. One current model posits the transfer of the peroxisomal membrane protein from a hydrophobic region of PEX19 to a hydrophobic region of PEX3 followed by intervention in the membrane layer to release the peroxisomal membrane protein into the membrane bilayer (Chen et al. 2014). An amphipathic helical segment in the N-terminal region of PEX19 may compete with the peroxisomal membrane protein for a binding site in the C-terminal region of PEX19 and thereby participate in the release of the peroxisomal membrane protein from PEX19 (Schueller et al. 2010).
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