NLRX1 inhibits MAVS-DDX58 interaction.

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NLRX1 is a member of nucleotide-binding domain and leucine-rich repeat containing (NLR) protein family. NLRX1 competes with RIG-I for IPS-1 interaction and has been identified as a negative regulator of RLR signaling. NLRX1 resides at the outer mitochondrial membrane where IPS-1 is located and this interaction is mediated by the CARD region of IPS-1 and a putative nucleotide-binding domain (NBD) of NLRX1. This interaction between NLRX1 and IPS-1 prevents the association between RIG-1/MDA5 and IPS-1.

Literature References
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18200010 NLRX1 is a regulator of mitochondrial antiviral immunity

Moore, CB, Bergstralh, DT, Duncan, JA, Lei, Y, Morrison, TE, Zimmermann, AG, Accavitti-Loper, MA, Madden, VJ, Sun, L, Ye, Z, Lich, JD, Heise, MT, Chen, Z, Ting, JP

Nature 2008
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