Recruitment of caspase-8 and -10 to FADD complex

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Caspase-8 (CASP8) and caspase-10 (CASP10) are involved in RIG-I/MDA5-dependent antiviral immune responses. Caspase-8/10 activation contributes to NF-kB activation in response to viral dsRNA.
Caspase-8/10 are synthesized as zymogens (procaspases), containing a large N-terminal prodomain with two death effector domains (DED), and a C-terminal catalytic subunit composed of small and a large domain separated by a smaller linker region. FADD plays a crucial role in the recruitment and activation of procaspase-8/10. The two DED domains of procaspase-8/10 interacts with DED domain of FADD.

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