ESR1:ESTG:PGR:P4 bind pioneer factors and coactivators

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Rapid immunoprecipitation by mass spectrometry of endogenous proteins (RIME) analysis shows that in addition to interacting with PGR after progesterone stimulation, ESR1 also interacts with known co-activators NRIP, GATA3 and TLE3 (Mohammed et al, 2013; Mohammed et al, 2015). Progesterone treatment of breast cancer cell lines under estrogen-rich conditions promotes a redistribution of ER alpha binding to PGR binding sites. This redistribution coincides with co-occupancy of FOXA1 and EP300 at the novel binding sites as well as with the H3K27Ac mark, suggesting that the binding events are functional (Clarke et al, 2012; Mohammed et al, 2015).

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