RHOF GTPase cycle

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Homo sapiens
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This pathway catalogues RHOF (RIF) GTPase activator proteins (GAPs) and RHOF effectors. RHOF GTPase is thought to exist in the active GTP-bound state in the absence of any GEF activity (Tian et al. 2017). No GDP dissociation inhibitors (GDIs) have been shown to interact with RHOF. RHOF is only found in vertebrates (Gad and Aspenstrom 2010; Fan and Mellor 2012). RHOF regulates cytoskeletal dynamics (Gad and Aspenstrom 2010; Aspenstrom et al. 2014) and promotes the formation of filopodia and stress fibers (Fan and Mellor 2012). RHOF may be involved in actin remodelling in lymphocyte microvilli (Fan and Mellor 2012). In neurons, RHOF contributes to the formation of dendritic spines (Fan and Mellor 2012).

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