Cargo of PEX5L:PEX7 translocates from the cytosol to the peroxisomal matrix

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The cargo protein bound to PEX7 is released from PEX7 into the peroxisomal matrix in a reaction that does not require ATP (Purdue et al. 1997, Dodt et al. 2001, Rodrigues et al. 2014, Rodrigues et al. 2015). PEX7 may also be released into the matrix (inferred from yeast in Nair et al. 2004), however later research indicates that PEX7 remains with PEX5L in the peroxisomal membrane (Rodrigues et al. 2015) apparently in a proteinaceous cavity (Dias et al. 2017). Mutations in PEX5 cause defects in import of PTS1-containing proteins or PTS2-containing proteins or both (Eberrink et al. 2009, Barøy et al. 2015).

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