Activated NTRK2 signals through FYN

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In mouse brain, Fyn activation downstream of Bdnf-induced Ntrk2 (TrkB) signaling results in increased protein levels of AMPA receptor subunits Gria2 (GluR2), Gria3 (GluR3) and Gria1 (GluR1) without change in mRNA levels (Narisawa-Saito et al. 1999).

BDNF-mediated activation of NTRK2 increases phosphorylation of voltage gated sodium channels by FYN, resulting in decrease of sodium currents (Ahn et al. 2007).

FYN activation downstream of NTRK2 is implicated in olygodendrocyte myelination and contributes to BDNF-induced activation of ERK1/2 (MAPK3/1) through an unknown mechanism (Peckham et al. 2015).

Besides acting downstream of NTRK2, FYN and other SRC kinases, activated by other receptors such as GPCRs, may phosphorylate NTRK2 and enhance its catalytic activity (Rajagopal and Chao 2006, Huang and McNamara 2010).

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