RHOQ GEFs activate RHOQ

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The following guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) were shown to bind RHOQ and catalyze GDP to GTP exchange on RHOQ, resulting in formation of the active RHOQ:GTP complex:
ITSN1 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
OBSCN (Coisy-Quivy et al. 2009)
PREX1 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)

ARHGEF9 was implicated as a RHOQ GEF by some (Papadopoulos et al. 2015) but not all (Jaiswal et al. 2013; Mayer et al. 2013) studies and is annotated as a candidate RHOQ GEF.

The following GEFs do not act on RHOQ:
AKAP13 (Zheng et al. 1995)
ARHGEF1 (Jaiswal et al. 2011; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF11 (Jaiswal et al. 2011; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF12 (Jaiswal et al. 2011; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF2 (Ren et al. 1998)
ARHGEF28 (Jaiswal et al. 2011; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF4 (Gotthardt and Ahmadian 2007; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF5 (Wang et al. 2009)
DNMBP (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
MCF2 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
MCF2L (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
TIAM1 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
TRIO (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
VAV2 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)

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guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity of RHOQ GEFs [cytosol]

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