RHOC GEFs activate RHOC

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The following guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) were shown to bind RHOC and catalyze GDP to GTP exchange on RHOC, resulting in formation of the active RHOC:GTP complex:
AKAP13 (Zheng et al. 1995)
ARHGEF1 (Jaiswal et al. 2011; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF5 (Wang et al. 2009)
ARHGEF10 (Mohl et al. 2006)
ARHGEF10L (Winkler et al. 2005)
ARHGEF11 (Jaiswal et al. 2011; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF12 (Jaiswal et al. 2011; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF17 (Mitin et al. 2012)
ARHGEF25 (Sloan et al. 2012)
ARHGEF28 (Jaiswal et al. 2011; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF40 (Curtis et al. 2004)
MCF2 (Sloan et al. 2012; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
MCF2L (Sloan et al. 2012; Jaiswal et al. 2013)
PREX1 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
VAV2 (Sloan et al. 2012; Jaiswal et al. 2013)

The following GEFs do not act on RHOC:
ARHGEF3 (Arthur et al. 2002; Sloan et al. 2012)
ARHGEF4 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ARHGEF9 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
DNMBP (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
ITSN1 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)
TIAM1 (Jaiswal et al. 2013)

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guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity of RHOC GEFs [cytosol]

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