ESR1:ESTG:P-TEFb recruited to paused RNA polymerase II on MYB gene

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MYB is frequently expressed in breast cancer and its expression is correlated with ER positive tumors (Guerin et al, 1990; Kauraniemi et al, 2000). MYB expression is estrogen-responsive, but hormone-dependent control is exerted at the level of transcriptional elongation rather than initiation (Frasor et al, 2003; Carroll et al, 2006; Bender et al, 1987; Watson et al, 1988; Drabsch et al, 2007). In the absence of estrogen, RNA polymerase II stalls at a stem-loop poly-T (SL-dT) tract between within intron 1 (Drabsch et al, 2007). Upon estrogen stimulation, a complex containing estrogen, the estrogen receptor and P-TEFb (an elongation factor consisting of Cyclin T and CDK9) is recruited to an ERE near the SL-dT. P-TEFb phosphorylates serine 2 in the RNA polymerase II CTD, allowing the polymerase to continue elongating (Drabsch et al, 2007; Mitra et al, 2012; reviewed in Gonda et al, 2008; Garriga and Grana, 2004). Although EREs have been identified around the SL-dT and have been shown by ChIP to be bound by ESR1, mutation of the EREs does not abrogate estrogen-responsive MYB expression, suggesting that the estrogen receptor either binds to a non-canonical site or it interacts through another transcription factor in this reaction (Drabsch et al, 2007; Mitra et al, 2012)

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