KDM4B demethylates H3K9me3 on estrogen-responsive target enhancers

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KDM4B (also known as JMJD2B) is an H3 K9 demethylase that is recruited to estrogen-responsive enhancers through interaction with ESR1 (Kawazu et al, 2011; Gaughan et al, 2013). KDM4B promotes target gene activation in the presence of estrogen by removing the repressive H3K9 methylation mark, and KDM4B has been shown to interact with the SWI/SNF-B complex component SMARCA4 and to promote recruitment of RNA polymerase II (Kawazu et al, 2011; Gaughan et al, 2013).

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histone H3-methyl-lysine-9 demethylase activity of KDM4B-regulated genes:H3K9me3 nucleosome:ESR1:ESTG:KDM4B [nucleoplasm]

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