ESR1 binds to TFF1 gene promoter

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TFF1 is an estrogen-responsive gene with an ESR1-bound promoter/enhancer that is primed for ligand-dependent expression by the binding of 'pioneer' transcription factors, such as FOXA1 and GATA3 (Berry et al, 1989; Shang et al, 2000; Carroll et al, 2005; Laganière et al, 2005; Eeckhoute et al, 2006; Hurtado et al, 2011; Theodorou et al, 2013; reviewed in Klinge, 2001; Zaret and Carroll, 2011; Fiorito et al, 2013). Ligand-bound estrogen receptor binds to a functional ERE between -405 and -393 and to a region 10.5 kb upstream of the TFF1 transcription start site (Berry et al, 1989; Sewack and Hansen, 1997; Métivier et al, 2003; Carroll et al, 2005). Detailed ChIP studies of the TFF1 promoter in synchronized cells after estrogen stimulation reveal an ordered and cyclical recruitment of co-activators, chromatin remodellers and general transcriptional machinery that modify the epigenetic and chromatin environment to regulate transcriptional activity (Metivier et al, 2003; Metivier et al, 2008; Kangaspeska et al, 2008). Three phases are observed after estrogen stimulation of blocked cells, including an initial unproductive cycle followed by two transcriptionally productive cycles. These are marked by the combinatorial recruitment of different subsets of proteins and cyclical alterations to the methylation and acetylation status of the promoter (Metivier et al, 2003; Metivier et al, 2008; Kangaspeska et al, 2008; reviewed in Reid et al, 2009).

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