CDK1 phosphorylates RUNX2

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RUNX2, presumably in complex with CBFB, can be phosphorylated by the complex of CDK1 and cyclin B. The interaction was demonstrated between endogenous human RUNX2 and CDK1:CCNB1. It was also shown in human cells that RUNX2 undergoes CDK1:CCNB1-mediated phosphorylation on serine residue S451 of RUNX2-P2 isoform. This residue corresponds to the mouse Runx-P1 serine residue S472 (Qiao et al. 2006, Rajgopal et al. 2007). At mitotic exit, RUNX2 is dephosphorylated by unidentified PP1 or PP2A phosphatase (Rajgopal et al. 2007).

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