RUNX2 binds BAX gene promoter

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RUNX2, presumably in complex with CBFB, binds the promoter of the BAX gene (Eliseev et al. 2008, Goloudina, Tanoue et al. 2012, Goloudina, Mazur et al. 2012). Signaling downstream of BMP2 promotes RUNX2-mediated activation of the BAX gene transcription (Eliseev et al. 2008). Dephosphorylation of RUNX2 serine residue S432 by the PPM1D (WIP1) serine/threonine phosphatase promotes association of RUNX2 with the BAX promoter (Goloudina, Tanoue et al. 2012, Goloudina, Mazur et al. 2012).

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Cell Cycle 2012
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