TBK1 phosphorylation

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Serine/threonine protein kinase TBK1 plays a key role in regulating inflammatory responses. TBK1 activity is regulated by phosphorylation of Ser 172 within the kinase activation loop (Kishore et al. 2002). TBK1 phosphorylation is thought to be an autoactivation event. The IL 37b:IL-18R1:SIGIRR complex can suppress TBK1 activity (Nold Petry et al. 2015, Clark K et al. 2009). This event is set as a black box event instance because the precise mechanism of TBK1 suppression by IL 37b:IL-18R1:SIGIRR complex is uncertain.

Literature References
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11839743 IKK-i and TBK-1 are enzymatically distinct from the homologous enzyme IKK-2: comparative analysis of recombinant human IKK-i, TBK-1, and IKK-2

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J. Biol. Chem. 2002
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