RUNX2 binds ZNF521 and HDAC3

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Based on studies in mice, RUNX2 forms a complex with ZNF521 (ZNP521) and a histone deacetylase HDAC3. Binding to ZNF521 does not inhibit RUNX2 binding to target genes, such as the BGLAP (Osteocalcin) gene promoter, but inhibits RUNX2-mediated activation of these genes. HDAC3 is needed for ZNF521 to inhibit RUNX2-mediated transcription from the BGLAP promoter. Action of ZNF521 antagonizes RUNX2 during mesenchymal commitment to the osteoblast lineage and during osteoblast maturation (Hesse et al. 2010).

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21173110 Zfp521 controls bone mass by HDAC3-dependent attenuation of Runx2 activity

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J. Cell Biol. 2010
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