DLX5,(DLX6) binds RUNX2 gene promoter

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Based on studies in mice, in response to BMP2 signaling, a homeodomain transcription factor DLX5 binds to three sites in the distal (P1) promoter of the RUNX2 gene (Lee et al. 2005). DLX5 binding sites are conserved in the human RUNX2 promoter.

Dlx5 deficient mice show a mild delay in ossification of long bones and close to normal Runx2 expression. Mice that are double knockouts for Dlx5 and Dlx6 genes show severe defects in the formation of limbs, cranium and axial skeleton and die after birth. Dlx5/6 double knockouts show reduction in the number of Runx2-expressing chondrocytes (Robledo et al. 2002). As DLX6 is suggested by several studies to be redundant with DLX5 in the regulation of RUNX2 expression (Robledo et al. 2002, Holleville et al. 2007, Barron et al. 2011), although direct binding of DLX6 to the RUNX2 gene promoter has not been tested, DLX6 is shown as a candidate transcriptional regulator of RUNX2.

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