RUNX2 gene expression from distal (P1) promoter is inhibited by NKX3-2, MSX2 and RUNX2-P1, and stimulated by DLX5,(DLX6)

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Based on studies in mice, RUNX2 transcription is repressed by binding of the transcriptional repressor NKX3-2 (BAPX1) to the distal (P1) RUNX2 gene promoter (Lengner et al. 2005, Provot et al. 2006). RUNX2 itself can autoregulate through a negative feedback mechanism by binding of the RUNX2-P1 isoform to the evolutionarily conserved RUNX2 response elements in the distal P1 promoter (Drissi et al. 2000).

Based on studies in mice, transcription of RUNX2 from the distal (P1) promoter is directly stimulated by DLX5 (and possibly DLX6). Binding of DLX5 to the RUNX2 promoter is antagonized by MSX2. Once bound to the RUNX2 promoter, MSX2 inhibits RUNX2 transcription (Lee et al. 2005). DLX5 is activated by BMP2 signaling through an unknown mechanism.
Transcription of RUNX2 from the P1 promoter may be inhibited by the transcriptional repressor GFI1, which is essential for hematopoiesis (D'Souza et al. 2011).

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