MECP2 is phosphorylated at S423

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In resting neurons, MECP2 is phosphorylated at serine residue S80, which results in a decreased association of MECP2 with chromatin. In activity-induced neurons, upon neuronal membrane depolarization, MECP2 S80 becomes dephosphorylated, and MECP2 acquires phosphorylation on serine S423 (corresponding to mouse Mecp2 serine S421). CaMK IV is one of the kinases that can phosphorylate MECP2 on S423. Phosphorylation of MECP2 at S423 increases MECP2 binding to chromatin (Zhou et al. 2006, Tao et al. 2009, Qiu et al. 2012).
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calmodulin-dependent protein kinase activity of Active CaMK IV,(CaMK II) [nucleoplasm]

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