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Extracellular Erythropoietin (EPO) binds the EPO receptor (EPOR) located in the plasma membrane of the target cell (Jones et al. 1990, Syed et al. 1998, Remy et al. 1999, and inferred from mouse homologs). EPOR is a dimer that appears to be preassociated with downstream signaling proteins JAK2 (inferred from mouse homologs) and LYN (Chin et al. 1998, and inferred from mouse homologs) and the scaffold protein IRS2 (Verdier et al. 1997). Binding of EPO to EPOR causes a change in the conformation of the dimer which activates JAK2 (Syed et al. 1998, Remy et al. 1999, Kubatzky et al. 2001).

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