MECP2 mutants P302R,K304E,K305R,R306C,(R306H) do not bind NCoR/SMRT complex

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Missense mutations in the transcriptional repression domain of methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 (MECP2) abolish the binding ability of MECP2 to the nuclear receptor co-repressor (NCoR/SMRT) complex. Functionally tested Rett syndrome MECP2 mutants that are unable to bind to the NCoR/SMRT complex include MECP2 P302R, MECP2 K304E, MECP2 K305R and MECP2 R306C. The MECP2 R306H mutant has not been experimentally characterized but is a candidate member of this set of MET mutants, based on sequence similarity (Lyst et al. 2013, Ebert et al. 2013).

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Loss of function of MECP2 mutants P302R,K304E,K305R,R306C,(R306H) [nucleoplasm]

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Rett syndrome DOID:1206 Rett's disorder, cerebroatrophic hyperammonemia
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