MET gene transcription is stimulated by MECP2

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MECP2 directly stimulates transcription of the MET gene, encoding MET receptor tyrosine kinase. MET promoter SNV rs1858830 C 'low activity' allele is associated with low expression of MET in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Although this MET promoter SNV overlaps with the MECP2 binding site, presence of the low activity allele does not inhibit MECP2-mediated stimulation of MET transcription. Mutant MECP2 proteins associated with Rett syndrome show reduced transactivation of the MET gene. MET expression is significantly decreased in the temporal cortex of female Rett patients (Plummer et al. 2013).

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24150225 Transcriptional regulation of the MET receptor tyrosine kinase gene by MeCP2 and sex-specific expression in autism and Rett syndrome

Plummer, JT, Evgrafov, OV, Bergman, MY, Friez, M, Haiman, CA, Levitt, P, Aldinger, KA

Transl Psychiatry 2013
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