MECP2 binds the NCoR/SMRT complex

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MECP2 binds the nuclear receptor co-repressor complex (NCoR/SMRT). This interaction is inhibited by MECP2 phosphorylation at threonine residue T308. The following NCoR/SMRT complex components were co-immunoprecipitated with MECP2: NCOR1, NCOR2, HDAC3, TBL1 (TBL1X), TBLR1 (TBL1XR1) and GPS2 (Lyst et al. 2013, Ebert et al. 2013). Direct interaction was confirmed between the transcriptional repressor domain of MECP2 and NCOR1, NCOR2, TBL1X and TBLR1 (Lyst et al. 2013). NCoR/SMRT complex consists of either NCOR1 (NCoR) or NCOR2 (SMRT), GPS2, HDAC3 and tetramers of either TBL1X or TBL1XR1 (Oberoi et al. 2011, reviewed by Watson et al. 2012).
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