PITRM1 proteolyzes mitochondrial targeting peptides (presequences)

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After MPP cleaves off targeting peptides (also called presequences) of proteins imported into the mitochondrial matrix, PITRM1 (also called PreP) proteolyzes the cleaved targeting peptides (Pinho et al. 2010, Alikhani et al. 2011, Teixeira et al. 2012). PITRM1 also cleaves amyloid beta peptide that is imported into the matrix (Falkevall et al. 2006). Missense mutations in PITRM1 are associated with a neurological syndrome comprising mental retardation, spinocerebellar ataxia, cognitive decline, psychosis and possible epilepsy (Brunetti et al. 2016).

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metallopeptidase activity of PITRM1 [mitochondrial matrix]

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