SLIT1 binds ROBO1,(ROBO2)

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Based on mouse experiments, SLIT1 binds to ROBO1 and/or ROBO2 to stimulate cortical dendrite branching (Round and Sun 2011). SLIT1-mediated activation of ROBO1 and/or ROBO2 may also be involved in regulation of midline crossing in the spinal cord (Mambetisaeva et al. 2015). SLIT1 is expressed by new neurons in the adult brain which migrate from the subventricular zone to the olfactory bulb through the rostral migratory stream. Astrocytes in the rostral migratory stream express ROBO receptors, mostly ROBO2, but also ROBO1 and ROBO3. These ROBO-expressing astrocytes are repelled by SLIT1-expressing young migrating neurons, which results in the formation and maintenance of the astrocytic tunnels. Astrocytic tunnels allow rapid directional migration of new neurons in the adult brain (Kaneko et al. 2010). Signaling through SLIT1-ROBO2 is implicated in regulation of peripheral nerve regeneration (Zhang et al. 2010).

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