SLC30A10 transports Mn2+ from cytosol to extracellular region

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Manganese (Mn2+) is an essential metal that functions as a cofactor required for the activity of numerous essential enzymes but at at elevated levels, M2+n becomes toxic as it enhances oxidative stress, compromises mitochondrial function and induces cell death. Mn2+ is excreted by the liver in bile but excess Mn2+ preferentially accumulates in the basal ganglia, leading to the development of an irreversible and incurable Parkinsonian-like syndrome (Tuschl et al. 2012, Quadri et al. 2012, Leyva-Illades et al. 2014). SLC30A10 had previously been presumed to be a zinc transporter but now has been confirmed to function as an essential Mn2+ transporter in humans (Tuschi et al. 2012), mediating the efflux of Mn2+ from cells ( Leyva-Illades et al. 2014).

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manganese ion transmembrane transporter activity of SLC30A10 [plasma membrane]

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