AcM-UBE2M transfers NEDD8 to CUL9:RBX1

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UBE2M transfers NEDD8 to lysine 1881 of CUL9 (Skaar et al, 2007; Li et al, 2014). Neddylation increases the ubiquitination activity of the E3 complex towards its targets (Hori et al, 1999; Duda et al, 2008). One defined target of CUL9 is BIRC5 (also known as Survivin), which has roles in cellular proliferation, inhibition of apoptosis and maintenance of genome stability (Zhao et al, 2000; Watanabe, 2010). CUL9-mediated ubiquitination of BIRC5 is negatively regulated by the 3M complex, consisting of CUL7, CCDC8 and OBSL1 (Li et al, 2014).
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NEDD8 transferase activity of NEDD8-AcM-UBE2M:CUL9:RBX1 [cytosol]

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