IL27RA and IL6ST are phosphorylated after IL27:IL27 receptor interaction and JAK's phosphorylation

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Interleukin-27 receptor is formed by Interleukin-27 receptor subunit alpha (IL27RA, WSX-1) and Interleukin-27 receptor subunit beta (IL6ST, gp130). Both subunits can be tyrosine phosphorylated after ligand-receptor interaction (Pflanz et al. 2004, Takeda et al. 2003). There is general agreement that ligand binding to cytokine receptors results in the activation of prebound Jak kinases, which auto- and transphosphorylate then phosphorylate key tyrosine residues on the receptor (O'Shea et al 2002), but for the interleukin-27 receptor the pattern of phosphorylations is not clear, hence this is represented as a black box event.
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transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity of IL27:EBI3:IL27RA:p-JAK1:IL6ST:p-JAK1,p-JAK2,p-TYK2 [plasma membrane]

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